Saturday, August 31, 2013

Old School Gaming

When I lived in Denver I was struggling to get by, and as a result, I had to sell my Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation 2, and my huge collection of games. It was not a happy moment, and I wish I had been able to hold on to them. I enjoy older games immensely. On my Xbox 360, I've been able to round up a few titles that I lost: all my Sonic games, Turtles in Time, Phantasy Star II, and Ms. Pac Man, but that's not even a 16th of my collection.

In the past month or so, I nabbed Final Fantasy VII off Steam, and I received a Playstation 2 from one of my friends. Since receiving the Playstation, I have started to collect a lot of the games I'd lost, and I've almost completely forgotten about my Xbox 360. I plan to buy back all the games I parted with, for I have too much fun on older games not to.

Between nabbing Rogue Galaxy and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy this week, I purchased Warcraft III on my PC (I have my fingers crossed Blizzard might rerelease Warcraft II one day, as it's my favorite RTS game). I've been flooded with memories, but nostalgia isn't the only reason to enjoy an older game. While the graphics aren't going to blow anyone away, I find the stories to be richer than current games. I find the older games have unique, interesting characters. I also find a lot of the older games to be longer than their current releases in the franchise, especially with the open world style of previous Final Fantasies, and they have highly addictive though simplistic gameplay.

If I owned a Wii, my first purchase wouldn't have been a game loaded with eye candy. I would have bought Kid Icarus, maybe my favorite old school game of all-time, and I would have played that game hundreds of times over. Every time my sister and brother-in-law tell me they barely use their Wii, I try to convince them to give it to me or sell me it just for Kid Icarus. As I've said before, Wii has the greatest collection of old games, everything from Super Mario to Chrono Trigger to Mario RPG. With so many classic titles at my disposal, I probably would never have bought a single new release on the Wii, and it really does frustrate me when friends say they use their Wii for just Netflix or videos. I always respond, "You bought a gaming console to do everything but play games?" If only Wii had new, more adult releases on par with Xbox or Playstation, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat.

I would be in gamer heaven if companies found a quick and easy way to rerelease older titles across platforms, whether they updated the graphics or not, so long as the charm and gameplay of the original was not altered at all. Currently, I don't think it's feasible. It might not even be profitable, which is why I think companies stray from this and usually only release classic games that were extremely popular.

A lot of people talk about how they'd travel around the world or buy huge mansions if they won the lottery. Not me. I might buy a house, but within that house I'd build the largest, greatest collection of games money can buy; there would be shelves lined with games, a TV for each system, and classic arcade games. And, of course, if someone did get lucky and beat my high score at Ms. Pac Man, it'd have to be unplugged and reset...

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