Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Ender's Game and Thor: Dark World Trailers

Here's the latest trailer for Ender's Game, and it offers a peek at a zero-gravity battle as well as some of the space fights. So far, I think it's shaping up to be faithful to the book; the question remains whether or not the director and writers will explore the characters and develop them, instead of overloading the viewer with CGI and explosions.

One thing that bugs me about the trailer is the huge spoiler. The biggest reveal in the book is that the final "test" for Ender turns out to be a real battle, not a simulation. Not only does the trailer say it plain, they show parts of that particular space fight. I have to wonder if this was done because they're trying to appeal to readers that already know the ending. If so, I'd say it worked. If not, it's just dumb; why show the biggest surprise before anyone even sits down in a theater? As is always the case, not everyone interested in the film will have read the book.

Well, there were some things added to the new trailer that weren't in the first one, and I have to admit I'm very disappointed they decided to show me a shortened version of the entire movie. Just based on this, I'm going to guess the order of the movie goes: Dark Elves invade London, Thor saves the day, Thor enlists the aid of Loki to hunt the Elves and take out Malekith the Accursed, then Loki betrays Thor and joins Malekith to take on Odin and his family--ultimately, Thor saves Asgard and probably Jane Foster (I doubt Hollywood has the guts to kill her off and give Thor a monumental dilemma, in that he failed as a superhero). That's my guess, based only on the trailer. In a few months, I'll check back to see if I'm right, because, regardless of how much I think I know, I'll still go to this movie.

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  1. I have never been so excited...or nervous, for a movie then I am for Ender's Game. May be my favorite book ever, and just hope it does some justice to the story.