Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Suck at Fighting Games

Today I bought Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition, because I was in the mood for a style of game I haven't played in years, and no sooner had I turned it on and started going through the ladder did I come to the realization that'd I'd been denying for years: I suck at fighting games.

I struggle with combos. I forget my block button exists. I can barely execute special attacks, and the one thing I want to see the most, because I loved it so much in the original, Fatalities, I can't perform to save my life. Even the simple fatalities are out of my reach, causing my character to appear to be having a seizure...when not jumping around wildly. No matter how hard I try or how many hours I sink into this genre, I never get better.

Mortal Kombat is the only fighting game I have purchased for my Xbox 360. On some level, I've always known how terrible I am. I never pumped quarters into Street Fighter or Tekken at the arcade growing up. I watched my friends play Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2, but I never joined them. If I had a friend over, we usually took turns against the computer, because I knew it was a waste of time to play another person.

Fighting games are my kryptonite, and because I'm so bad, they make me angry. They make me furious. In a rage, I once snapped Soulcalibur 3 in half when trying to progress through Chronicles Mode. After that moment of shame, I steered clear from all fighting games for years, yet I couldn't resist Mortal Kombat.

I have very fond memories of the original and its sequel. I don't think I'd ever seen blood in a video game until then. The new Mortal Kombat captures the original well while still hosting an expansive list of playable characters from the franchise and beyond, including Freddy Krueger.

Unfortunately, as amazing as the game is with its different modes and challenges and unlockables, I'm downright terrible. I just spent a forty-five minute session cursing at my TV, unable to win against Shao Kahn. Let me be clear, there's little to nothing wrong with the new Mortal Kombat. The only problem is my inability, even after Training Mode and two hours of practice, to do anything even remotely exciting with the characters.

Though I won't be returning the game, too stubborn to admit defeat, I think it's about time I do the right thing and stop buying fighting games. If I haven't improved in this genre after twenty years, it's safe to say this is not my genre. Despite the temptations I had earlier this week, I will forgo Injustice.


  1. Yeah, I hear you on this one. I love fighting games to death. Street fighter 2 on the snes started me on them and from then on I've purchased a ton of different ones. I am no good at any of them. From Killer Instinct to SF 3 and 4 I suck. It's hard to get a handle for the button combinations and to enter them fluidly. I still suck at them eveen now and I just bought King of Fighters 13. I'm loving the game but I'm terrible. I say, Never give up on fighting games. Remember to hate the player (i.e. yourself), not the game. Remember to enjoy them even if you suck at them. Keep writing.

    1. I definitely don't blame the game. I learned a while ago that just because I'm bad at a game doesn't make the game in itself automatically bad, and it's easy to tell why so many people love the genre. And, thank you, I will keep writing.