Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taunting A Gorilla

I was perusing the Internet this morning, when I came across this video:

It depicts school children at the Dallas zoo taunting a gorilla. One of the kids waves his arms around and yells, "You ugly!" For some reason, the video really got on my nerves. I think what bothers me the most is that the parent or teacher recording the incident did not stop the children and try to explain to them that it's not right to act this way in a zoo...or toward any sort of wildlife.

Is it a sign of our times? Was there more to the video we didn't get to see? Maybe the parents did, in fact, say something to the children afterwards, but going on the video alone, it would seem the parents or teacher had as much of a laugh about the taunts as the children.

Irks me.

I remember as a child going to petting zoos, my friend's farm, and whatnot and looking at animals in awe. I was also a little afraid of them, especially the large ones, even cows. While I'm not sure if that's something my parents taught me or something that was always there, I've always been inclined to respect and marvel at nature. What I do know for sure is screaming and taunting anything in public around my parents would've resulted in some sort of immediate reprimand.

I can only hope the twinge of fear that gorilla put in these children will make them think twice the next time they taunt. In other words, I hope a lesson was learned, though I can't imagine anything was learned the way they immediately start pointing and laughing at its rear...

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  1. This video made NBC Nightly News this week. It was a "life lesson" for those kids to get scared by the animal - although, now that I think of it, who are being the animals here?