Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

Microsoft Word's Table of Contents feature in the 2013 version is infuriating. I've been trying to get my book ready to sell on the Kindle, and the only thing holding me back is a Table of Contents. For starters, there's only two templates available to me. Secondly, the program only allows a total of 9 lines in a Table of Contents, when I need at least 20. I've been going crazy trying to get it to work the way I need it to.

In between fiddling with Word, I've been playing more Marvel Heroes. I'm on the verge of quitting. I've leveled all four of my unlocked characters to 20 - 40 without receiving a single hero or costume drop, so I refuse to give Gazillion any more money. Then I found out, after grinding my crafter to level 10, the cost of adding a core is 200,000 credits. Most cores are +1 to a stat. I would use the special find ones. The price is steep, and I'm debating whether or not the game is worth my time and effort, especially since things happen like last night: I killed Mandarin and right when I killed him he cast an attack that made me immobile. I could not move to loot the Cube Shard I needed. I tried to bodyslide out of it to no avail, logged out then back in, cleared the entire board again, and found out the Cube Shard that I didn't receive counted as my daily Shard from that boss. Swearing, I turned the game off in disgust. Oh, and after waiting two and a half weeks on a ticket stating there's a browser error when I tried to enter the forums they recommended using a different browser and that it's not a problem on their end...despite it being the only place on the entire Internet I can't log into.

I'm also frustrated with World of Warcraft. There was a half off sale two weeks ago, and the sale ended up killing my server. Of the top ten guilds left on my medium population home about eight of them transferred off. My server is now low population--it's not even fun logging in anymore. In the meantime, I'm keeping my sub, leveling my final character to 90, and hoping the next major patch that will introduce Virtual Realms will help fix the lack of population. Otherwise, I'm calling it quits until there are legit mergers or something interesting happens.

I got SiriusXM back in my car this week. While Bubba the Love Sponge is no longer on there and Howard Stern seems to play mostly reruns, I'm thrilled to have the music channels back. In my area, the radio stations either have a lot of commercials or static.

The main reason I got satellite radio back is that I'm finally employed after three years of job hunting and groveling. As I repeatedly said in my interviews, I was willing to do anything to prove myself, and I'm demonstrating that by commuting forty-five minutes a day for a part-time position. Feels great being at work again, and I have the radio to make my drive easier. So far so good.

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