Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't Cancel Hannibal

As of today, Hannibal has not been renewed by NBC, and its future is uncertain. If cancelled, it would be a mistake on par with Fox's decision to can Firefly, and I joined over 9,000 other fans in signing a petition to see this show return next season.

Last night's episode, "Sorbet," was the best I've ever seen on NBC, one of the best I have seen on network television. Without giving spoilers, it was loaded with Hannibal's sly humor, which the viewers, not the other characters, are in on, and there were times I felt as irritated or lonely as he did. As I said in my original blog, Mikkelsen's portrayal is amazing and somehow continues to improve each week. The musical choices were perfect, a mix of haunting, classical tunes that evoked emotion even while Hannibal prepared meat and dinner in his kitchen.

If the writers, actors, producers, etc. can maintain this level of quality for multiple seasons (should they be given the chance), I would pen Hannibal in as one of my favorite television shows of all-time. It might reach that list in a single season. I liked the movie adaptations of Thomas Harris' books; I love the show.

The most comparable series would be Showtime's Dexter, which will be ending this season. Hannibal would be the perfect show for people wanting to fill the void left behind, should they crave games of cat and mouse, serial killers, and smart writing. Unlike Hannibal's competition, Elementary, the crimes Will Graham and Jack Crawford solve week after week are overshadowed by the overall story arch. The plot moves forward with every scene, rarely straying. The characters evolve as well; in the beginning both Will and Hannibal were rigid, didn't open up, but with each episode their personalities spill out. Last night I had a moment where I thought to myself, "I'd be his friend." Then I realized being Hannibal's friend would mean being served people's organs unwittingly--it gave me chills.

While I'd like to hope NBC understands the jewel they have, I worry they'll pass on the show. I would be sickened if Grimm was renewed and Hannibal was not, and, being the angry nerd that I am, I would probably boycott NBC the way I did Syfy when they cancelled Farscape. When it comes to TV, especially good TV that's taken off the air too soon, I hold grudges.


  1. I also signed it. What an incredible show. I completely agree about this being like when Firefly was cancelled. I also think more people are watching it than their flawed ratings system shows. I know a lot of people who are watching.

  2. If NBC cancels this show, I will be personally insulted.

  3. look, as far as local US television is concerned, it's a fantastic show, but some of the violent imagery is just way too much. kids are still up at 10pm, but really no one should be exposed to it at all. i would be very surprised if the establishment wouldn't continue to push this show...we are being programmed/desensitized after all.

    1. There are parental blocks on TVs. I don't know about others, but I know my sister doesn't let her children watch TV or get on the Internet without her supervision for such a reason.

      I don't know what establishment you're referring to.

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