Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Man of Steel Trailer

Here's the latest trailer for Man of Steel, and though I'm not the biggest Superman fan and I've been skeptical of this movie since its teaser (who wouldn't be after the last one?), I've been convinced there's a lot of potential for this to be a great film.

First of all, at least in the trailer, it appears Zach Snyder has finally moved away from his incessant slow-motion and bullet-time yet maintained his hallmark CGI that always drew me to his work. The action sequences look fast, and I've always wanted to see a Superman zipping through the air, smashing into things, and so far Snyder appears to have delivered.

Around the 2:20 mark, there is a glimpse of a bald man in a metal suit, swatting exploding debris with the back of his hand. Lex Luther, maybe? Or is it just Zod in a spacesuit? Or a henchman? It's hard to tell. LexCorp is visible, but I can't find any solid information that confirms Superman's arch enemy will make an appearance.

One thing I appreciate is that the main villain will be General Zod rather than Lex Luther. I have nothing against Lex, but when it comes to the other movies and TV shows, Lex was usually the central enemy. It's become a bit tiresome, especially since the comics have so many great characters like Darkseid, Braniac, and Doomsday that oppose Superman. I have also read Kryptonite will not be in the film, meaning Zod and Superman should spend a good deal of time beating on each other. How one will defeat the other is a mystery to me, as they will both be nearly invincible.

From the musical score to the questions surrounding Lex Luther's involvement--he could be played by a relatively unknown actor--to the absence of Kryptonite, Kal-El's new origin story should make for an interesting reboot. It's a reboot that was definitely needed to salvage the franchise, boasting a stellar cast.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I am one of the biggest, if not the biggest superman hater of all time....and I so want, no, need, to see this movie. From the cast , to the fact that they might just make him more "human", I am in. They say that "S" stands for hope on krypton, and I restate, I couldn't agree more. Hope they hit it out of the park.