Thursday, April 11, 2013

LFR Griefing

For my alts, I especially enjoy the Looking for Raid (LFR) feature, but with it comes griefers and ragers. I was in the process of doing the second part of Throne of Thunder (ToT) this morning on my goblin mage, drinking some coffee, winning some loot, when a couple of dregs from the Illidan server thought it would be funny to grief.

Someone asked for an explanation of the second fight, so I typed out what to do as DPS. No sooner had I finished typing when another player pulled the boss. Half the raid died, and within seconds I was blamed, though my combat log showed I had not attacked the boss. In fact, I was standing so far back I wasn't in range to cast a spell.

When I said, "Make sure you kick the right mage," because there were only two of us, I was blamed for pulling the first boss, too, even though for the start of Tortos I had been standing far back against the ledge eating for a food buff at the time and had to run in to start attacking a boss that was already engaged.

My rebuttals went unheard. The griefers even went as far as to claim, "You died, so it musta been you," yet half the raid had died, and I wasn't anywhere close to the first one to die. Because the players from Illidan, all guilded, were able to convince our group I was the culprit, protecting their mage that actually did the pulling of both bosses, and I couldn't link my combat log to show I had not attacked, nor was given a chance to link my Recount to demonstrate I did zero damage, I was promptly vote-kicked.

Well, the joke's on them. I already received the loot I had joined the LFR for. I was only sticking around because I didn't really have anything else to do on that character. Wherever that group is now, I hope their griefer is still with them, pulling mobs and wiping them and making them all look like sheepish idiots.

I didn't think my opinion of Illidan's Horde could lessen, but after today, it certainly has. For whatever reason, it seems to attract some of the worst offenders in the Warcraft community.

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