Friday, March 22, 2013

World of Warcraft: Fun Classes to Level

I always see a lot of posts on the World of Warcraft (WoW) forums asking the community what class they should level next. One popped up this morning, so I thought I'd also share my opinion of the fastest, easiest, and top 5 most enjoyable classes to level with the exception of a Monk, as I have not yet had the pleasure of leveling one beyond 50; I can't seem to make up my mind what race I want and keep deleting them. It should be noted, however, Monks have a daily quest that adds a stackable buff of 50% additional experience for an hour. As a bonus, I'll throw in my least favorite at the bottom.

5. Death Knight - Aside from DKs being monsters in player verses player (PVP) at the moment, the speed at which you can level one is obscene. Plus, there's the added perk of starting at level 55. Poorly geared, more of a bank toon, I was able to go Blood spec on my DK, run headlong into large groups, chain pull, and survive, even in Pandaria. Kill and drop quests were a breeze. DKs have an abundance of silences, immunities, heals, and damage reduction abilities, which help a lot once a player reaches Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes, where the mobs incorporate fears, knockbacks, pop-ups, and silences. In PVP, you'll devour your foe. In dungeons, you can deal high damage per second (DPS) or tank with the best of them. They're also great for solo'ing old content and farming.

4. Warrior - As a tank or DPS, you can make quick work of mobs from the starting zone to the Dread Wastes of Pandaria, never really having to pause. One drawback is being fodder in low level BGs, target practice for ranged classes like Hunters and Mages, but once you get the hang of gap closers and stuns and get your best defensive abilities, their combat improves. In MoP, there were many changes that made this class more pleasureable, especially in dungeons; I really hated stance-dancing as Arms spec in order to be effective. I race-changed my Warrior to Pandaren early into the expansion, and its animations were so fluid, on top of abilities I already enjoyed, I couldn't stop playing him and went as far as setting aside my main for a week. Since I haven't used Feral spec on my Druid since Wrath of the Lich King (Wotlk), I would say Warriors are my favorite melee class.

3. Hunter - Another class that ranks high in both PVP and player verses environment (PVE) is the Hunter. I would say my Hunter was the fastest to cap 90 in Mists of Pandaria (MoP) so far, sending in my pet to round up mobs, then dropping them fast. Since I raided on him in Cataclysm (my guild didn't want a Boomie at the time), he was also my best geared, so that might have something to do with how easy it was. An addicting aspect to this class is the hunt for unique pets that quickly fill your stables, especially if you're Beast Master spec and can round up exotics--a spirit porcupine seems to be a popular choice for PVP, offering a charge, mastery buff, and heals. From low level to endgame, they will wreck other players as well as meters; there's no con to playing them that comes to mind. I once tried to make a second Hunter, but when I achieved 32 kills and no deaths in a Warsong Gulch battleground at level 14, basically spamming arcane shot, I bored and deleted him.

2. Mage - In PVP or PVE, Mages are relentless at any level. With mediocre gear, I quested as Frost spec with no problems. With mediocre gear, I tore other players apart in BGs while leveling--I obtained the Wrecking Ball achievement (20 killing blows, no deaths) early on--and at max level, I do the same. With mediocre gear, I can top DPS charts or at least get close to it. They have portals, making world travel a cinch, free food, and a crazy amount of control in PVP. Going from my Boomie, where I often scramble and work hard for my kills, to my Mage is laughable, for with a Mage I never get close to panic. There are so many roots and crowd control (CC) and instant, hard-hitting spells it's as if I'm toying with my opponents. PVPing on a Mage, I sometimes take the time to type an emote before I take out a player, due to boredom--Mages dictate fights, especially against melee.

1. Druid - Whether leveling or playing endgame, I have a blast on my Druid. It was my first character; it has stayed my main over the years. Unlike any other class, it offers a choice of every role in the game: melee DPS, tank, heals, or ranged DPS. In any role, it is at least average or above. Most importantly, it's fun, and there are perks, such as farming herbs or skinning in flight form, as well as instant flight form, a travel and aquatic form, and if you choose a Night Elf like me, Shadowmeld/Flight is the best escape from WPVP those times you just want to be left alone. I love Druids so much in Cataclysm I had two of them at max level; sadly, I consolidated my characters to one of each class on one server in MoP and my second Druid was sacrificed. While I prefer Balance spec--something about Moonkin form keeps me endlessly entertained--I wouldn't recommend following in my footsteps and questing as such, unless you're with a friend or well geared. I had both, and it was a blast.

Rogue (My Least Favorite) - Worse than a caster in cloth, Rogues are squishy. If your Rogue is as poorly geared as mine, pulling more than one mob is a death sentence, which makes questing tedious and grueling. I am in the process of purchasing my Rogue a reasonable set, getting him out of his Cataclysm questing gear, just so I can survive in Jade Forest. Even in the opening quests of MoP I died and had to plot every pull. Early on, they are fantastic to level in a battleground (BG) and fun (Sub spec will 1 or 2 shot players if you're in full BoA), but the higher in level you go, the more BGs you'll face for each level, and if your faction isn't winning, you're not getting anywhere close to a desired amount of experience to make BG grinds desirable. Without a doubt, my Rogue will be the last class I grind from 85 to 90 this expansion, and I probably won't play him again once I do, burnt out by max level as it was in Cataclysm--that's why his gear is so bad.


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  3. Why do so many people equate "easy" to "fun". To me, "easy" equates to repetitive and boring.

    1. Let's be serious for a second here. All classes are "easy" to play in World of Warcraft, and I find Mage and Druids two of the hardest to master, other than Rogues.

      Aside from that, I never claimed that this list was anything more than my personal preference. These are the classes I enjoy.

      I'm also playing Wildstar at the moment so this blog is more than a bit outdated...

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