Friday, February 8, 2013

Supernatural Adds to the Mystery

I have seen every single episode of the WB's Supernatural, and out of nowhere, the show has added really nice twists, a few of the best twists since the appearance of Castiel.

Last week, Sam and Dean's grandfather jumped through time to escape a Knight of Hell named Abbadon, one of the first fallen angels, and the writers introduced an extinct (presumably) faction of hunters called Men of Letters. From what I've gathered, this group was an organized, steroid version of Bobby/Garth. They were in charge of the information on supernatural beings, found cases, and delegated hunters to specific tasks; they even had the aid of alchemists. We also learned Sam and Dean, as well as their father, were supposed to have become Men of Letters. How long such a tradition dates back we're left to guess, yet their grandfather implied several times it was a family legacy from well before his own time.

One thing I tried to figure out is how Abbadon, encased in concrete and chopped to pieces, ended the Men of Letters from the future. Was a room full of old men and two initiates really the entirety of their group? How can that be when an episode later we see yet another hideout? These questions lead me to believe Abbadon is either going to get free or she had help, which means she is going to get free. The Winchesters didn't and couldn't kill her, and as we've seen before, anything that doesn't outright die returns.

Expanding upon the Men of Letters lore, this week's episode, "Everybody Hates Hitler," brought Sam and Dean to an abandoned headquarters complete with an extensive library, showers, and a scimitar. Not only did I enjoy Sam's return to nerdy researcher, I liked the idea of him in the role of Man of Letters as much as Dean did; Sam was always more brains than brawn in the beginning of the show and stepped away from that role when he started juicing on demon blood.

The golem, its master, Aaron, and the Thule Society (based loosely on a real group) were nice touches. I had always wondered if Nazis would ever appear on the show, because of their portrayal in Hollywood and theories tying them to the occult. As proven in Indiana Jones and Hellboy, they make for amazing, easy-to-hate villains too. I hope to see all these new characters and sects in future episodes of Supernatural, and I suspect, since Aaron and his golem lived and the Thule Society threatened to return, they will be back--will they be the focus of an entire season along with Abbadon?

At the end of this week's episode, three major questions remained: what's going to happen with the key, where is Castiel, and what's happening with Benny? There are mysteries galore this season. While I don't particularly like the storyline involving demonic and angelic tablets and I feel Crowley has overstayed his time on the show (I loved his character a lot more when he was playing both sides) I'm dying to know why angels are manipulating Castiel. I'd also like to know what tier these angels are; they appear to have more power than archangels, but I didn't think that was possible. Then there's the whole business with the key, and the Men of Letters' bunker doesn't appear to be the place where they were supposed to throw it in and close the door...seeing as they're hanging out there.

Lastly, and anyone watching the show knows it's coming eventually, when will God make His appearance? For seasons, angels and demons and everything in between have debated God's existence: is He still alive, did He get sick of it all and abandon the world, is He captive or engaged in something bigger elsewhere, or is He watching and having a laugh? With the return of the prophets and the torture of Metatron, which ended up tapping into his angelic programming, the plans and whereabouts of God are a constant mystery.

Are the writers saving it for the last reveal, the end of the show? Whenever that end may come, I'd like to believe it's not anytime soon. This has been the strongest season in a quite a while, and I had worried Supernatural had jumped the shark with the Leviathans. I was wrong.


  1. Supernatural manages to never disappoint while always evolving. I love it! And I still love Crowley. You never know when he may changes sides or start playing both again.

    1. I'd probably like Crowley again if he did get ousted and started playing both sides again, but I think as King of Hell, they'll just kill him, shut the gates forever, or keep him at that position the rest of the show. His bones are still out there though, waiting to be burned.