Saturday, January 5, 2013

World War Z Trailer Impressions

So here's the latest trailer to World War Z, and in reading the book, I wonder if this movie will at all resemble it. While I usually forgive directors taking liberties with the source material I will be hesitant when I eventually go see this.
Part of the reason I'm on the fence about this film is that, as par for Hollywood, the film looks to take place entirely in the USA. I have to wonder if it's going to focus on certain chapters, specific stories, or if the only thing the movie World War Z will have in common with the book is the title...and zombies.
I do like the idea of fast zombies, which made their debut in 28 Days Later (the "zombies" weren't really the living dead in that movie), and can overlook the change, because they're a lot scarier, and the CGI appears to be pretty good from what I can tell. What I dislike, if it's the case and the trailer isn't misleading, is the film glossing over the Great Panic and the slow build-up into the war; from a glance, it appears we're going to get about ten to fifteen minutes of normal life/character introductions--then zombies. The scene in the car worries me, because Brad Pitt and his family act like they're going on vacation, not evacuating the city or even aware of the outbreak--it also reminds me of the brilliant opening scene to the Dawn of the Dead remake, which means it'd be a copy.
I could be wrong in all of my assumptions, but I'm going on what the trailer gives me. By the first chapter of World War Z I realized it'd be difficult, maybe impossible, to take those interviews and stories and translate them into a movie, but there's no reason to alter the major, poignant themes and events for the sake of action. For instance, the Battle of Yonkers better be in this movie and result in defeat. If not, I know I'll hate it.
I'll find out in June.

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