Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funny Things on the Internet

While catching up on season 4 of the Misfits, some of my Facebook friends posted links that made me laugh.

The first one is a montage of women doing silly, embarrassing things. It's basically a whole bunch of homemade videos with just women falling down, smacking their faces, and attempting dumb stunts; I was reminded of America's Funniest Home Videos while watching. In between laughing, I cringed a bit; some of the videos look downright painful. Here's the video:

Second, here's a list called, "50 Funniest Tweets of 2012." They're not all winners, but the one that caught my eye was, "I like women the way I like my Star Wars: at least 29 yrs old & never having had Hayden Christiansen in them."
A friend posted an ad this morning. Seriously, who would buy:

As a bonus, here's my new favorite blend of Charlie Brown and Batman that the Facebook page Nerds Do It Better posted yesterday.

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