Friday, November 23, 2012

The Observers in Fringe

As I watched the season one Fringe marathon on the Science Channel I happened to notice an Observer leaving the terminal of an airport as Olivia's flight landed. At first, I thought I was seeing things, then I went on Youtube and discovered the creators of Fringe have been sneaking the Observer September (and some others) into episodes since the pilot.

Having seen every episode, I'm amazed I never noticed this before. As if I needed another reason to watch the show in its entirety, now I'll forever be on the lookout for Observers. It will be kind of like looking for pineapples in Psych.

Here's also a link to Fringepedia that has a list of known sightings.

My new awareness has led to some interesting questions, especially considering the turn the show has taken with Peter's storyline. Why has September been watching them for so long? Is he more than a rebel Observer? Is he Peter Bishop? Have the writers really known how things would end since they inked the pilot, years ago, that the Observers were always meant to be the final villains?

I guess I'll know in a few episodes. The series finale is coming up fast, and hopefully some of my questions will be answered.


  1. Nice post! I'll have to start paying more attention in the older reruns.

  2. Btw, this site has some of the hardest captchas...I have to go through 5 or 6 just to find one I can guess.