Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Thoughts on Lucas and Disney

Earlier this week, George Lucas sold the rights to both Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Disney for a few billion dollars, and when I heard the price tag, I immediately moved past my initial anger. I really can't blame him. He's getting up there in age, is criticized for everything he does involving both franchises (I'm guilty of this), and probably does not have the time or drive to do another trilogy. Plus, 4 billion dollars is an insane retirement fund.

While fans are assured there will be another Star Wars trilogy many of us are worried about its future. It's hard to imagine the franchise under the direction of someone other than Lucas, but the man was never going to live forever; it was bound to happen. This sale could actually be good for us, if Disney is thoughtful of loyal fans.

The first thing they should do is revisit the originals and strip them of the added scenes, get back to basics: return to a time when Han Solo was the only person that fired in the Cantina, showing us all what a bad ass merc he was, take the Little Shop of Horror plant alien-thing (sarlacc's mouth?) out of the Great Pit of Carkoon, swipe Jabba from A New Hope entirely, and get that stupid song and dance scene out of Jabba's palace--just to name a few.

Second, even though Disney has already said the new trilogy is going to have an original script and characters, they should at least base parts of the upcoming movies on the Thrawn Trilogy, written by Timothy Zahn. They already told us the movies will take place in that general time era; why would they ignore available canon? If anything, at least give us a cameo or two. Like any of us wouldn't kill to see Han Solo on the big screen again, even if he's a grandparent. Hell, roll out Mark Hamill as Luke with a new apprentice. There's no age limit on Jedi masters.

As for Indiana Jones...that purchase scares me. Those movies are classics, and I still get a little bitter thinking of some scenes in the Crystal Skull that had me groaning in the movie theater (I'm looking at you, escapes-a-nuke-in-fridge). Harrison Ford is Indy, and there isn't an actor on the planet I could envision filling those shoes. But, Disney owns the rights. Eventually (I hope I'm not alive to see it), they're going to replace Ford with someone younger and revamp the whole franchise. Unlike Star Wars that touts hundreds of stories and characters, Indiana Jones revolves around a single personality. On one hand, it could turn into a James Bond deal, where Indy is replaced by a new actor every few movies. On the other hand, it could be a complete train wreck.

Whether Lucas' decision to sell is good or bad is going to be decided within the next few years, and like many other fans, I beg Disney to handle these franchises with the utmost care as they're cornerstones of my childhood, and I can do nothing but thank George Lucas for giving them to us to begin with.

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  1. Good for Lucas. Still not sure if it's good for Star Wars; time will tell.