Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Wolverine

This morning I went to IMDb to scope out some trailers, and while snooping around the info page for the next installment of Die Hard, I came across a link to the next Wolverine movie. Having no clue there was one in the works, especially one to be released in July 2013 (tentatively), I started doing some research.

What I've seen of the set images looks promising, as well as the teaser poster (see below).

After the first Wolverine movie, I'm going to try and reserve judgement until the end credits; it really left a bad taste in my mouth the way they handled Gambit. However, I can't help getting a little excited about Wolverine facing off against ninjas in Japan and the Silver Samurai, a mutant who charges a kitana with energy and can cut through anything--except adamantium. Plus, Hugh Jackman plays the role perfectly; I wish they'd give him better scripts.

It's been reported that the movie will be based solely off Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's 1982 miniseries, but as a fellow blogger pointed out, Silver Samurai did not make an appearance in the original. Also, along with rumors of a Jean Grey appearance, there are pictures of Svetlana Khodchenkova on set as the Viper, meaning this film is probably going to be a combination of the original series and its sequel. One thing that's up in the air is how faithful the character will be to the comics (will she even be named Viper?). Viper was originally portrayed as a Captain America villain and HYDRA operative, but the rights to Captain America are owned by Marvel Entertainment while 20th Century Fox maintains the rights to the X-Men.

Let's all hope the next installment of Wolverine is more like X-Men: First Class and less like Last Stand.

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