Friday, October 12, 2012

Mists of Pandaria: Rep Grind Review

Of all the additions to World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, I have to say I'm least excited for the reputation grinds. Ghost Crawler had said the developers took out the required grinds for head and shoulder enchants, because they didn't feel it was good for players to be forced into them, yet they gated Justice and Valor gear along with profession recipes within reputation grinds. On top of that, they gated factions behind factions.

I loathe dailies; they are my least favorite thing in a MMO. I didn't like the Isle of Quel'Danas in Burning Crusade, the Argent Tourney in Wotlk, and I didn't like Molten Front in Cataclysm (I did them anyway). Averaging 25 to 50 dailies a day is not fun for me, and I've read that with patch 5.1 Blizzard is going to be adding new factions that require more dailies. As it is, by the time I do just one faction's worth of dailies and farming a day, I'm already considering logging off.

So far I have played two to six hours a day since launch and have only reached exalted with Lorewalkers, solely because it requires finding things in the world; it is the only non-gated faction and the easiest. I'm close to exalted with two other factions, Cloud Serpents and Tillers, revered with Anglers, and struggling through Klaxxi and Golden Lotus. (*Update: Shado-pan and August Celestials, while having 1, maybe 2 annoying dailies each, have been suprisingly enjoyable and twice as fast to both complete each day and raise rep.)

As honored with Golden Lotus, I receive three sets of dailies per day. They average about 183 rep per completion. I won't be revered for a week or two, which means it will be that long just to unlock the Shado-pan/August Celestials, and I won't be exalted with Golden Lotus for weeks. Once done with that, I might have it in me to devote myself to Klaxxi for a scorpion mount...depends on how burned out I am between grinding dailies and grinding alts to level 90.

It would seem Ghost Crawler has not only gone against his own philosophy on forced grinds, he's taken it to the next level. I'm not pleased, and I won't be grinding these ridiculously gated factions on more than just my Druid, my main. Neither do I have the time, nor the desire to spend every second I'm logged in running dailies.

After all, I have eleven alts that are lvl 85 or higher hanging around from Cataclysm. Unlike Mists of Pandaria's predecessor, I don't think this is going to be an alt-friendly expansion. In fact, I believe most if not all of my alts are going to be taking a backseat due to the gated content. It's bad enough running dailies on one character, let alone two or eleven.

Even with the upcoming changes to double reputation gains once a single character hits revered, the time required to gear up multiple characters will still be daunting. Perhaps as the expansion gets older I might be able to do more with my alts than level them to 90. (*Update: With the implementation of new LFRs, it is entirely possible to gear an alt via heroics and LFR. My Hunter is hovering around the same item lvl as my Druid, who raids and does dailies, simply because my Hunter has been lucky with drops.)

Personally, I hope Blizzard puts in boa tabards that can be purchased once a character reaches exalted and sent to alts to wear and gain rep in heroics; it would make the grind on alts so much easier.

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