Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Iron Man 3 Trailer Released

Here is the trailer that popped up on my Facabook this morning. I've watched it quite a few times, excited by all the quick peeks, darker tone, and hearing, "Ladies...children...sheep."

There are rumors of who and what the man in the Iron Patriot costume is, because Sony holds the rights to that character. Osborn designed the suit, but he is a Spider-Man villain. Pictures show James Badge Dale in the suit, who plays Eric Savin. What I wasn't aware of until reading the linked article (Thank you Superherohype) is that Savin eventually becomes the cyborg villain known as Coldblood; it's possible the Iron Patriot and Coldblood have been merged to avoid infringement. I don't believe the suit is acting on its own when it grabs Pepper Potts out of Stark's bed; I also don't believe Rhodey would do that unless mind-controlled or something...

My current conclusion is either something Mandarin-involved is going to happen to Rhodey, it's Stark's nightmare, or we're going to see Coldblood/Iron Patriot. It's not 100% clear. One thing to keep in mind is that eventually there are going to be tie-ins within the movie to the upcoming Avengers sequel.

Also of note is Ben Kingsley looking a lot better than I expected as the Mandarin, complete with a snippet of his rings, and a Tony Stark troubled by the events in the Avengers, worrying incessantly about Potts' safety.

So far so good.

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