Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Female Figure"

This is from my Figure Drawing class; we were allotted ten minutes per sketch. It's a very unique experience drawing a person that is in front of you, not from memory, imagination, or a photograph. It's especially weird when they disrobe, but I remember most of us got over the initial embarrassment as soon as the pencil hit the paper.

I recommend any aspiring artist take a class such as this. I took Nature, Animal, and Figure Drawing classes that involved drawing what we saw in real life, and each of them improved how I studied and displayed forms.

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  1. I was living with an artist, and I came home one day to a drawing class in my living room - I did not know beforehand. What I most remember is my roomie screaming at me because I was letting in the cold from outside (it was winter). Don't even remember the model.