Friday, August 3, 2012

TV This Fall

With Fringe and Breaking Bad on their way out, I'm on the hunt for new shows. So far, it's not looking promising for this Fall. I suspect most of the shows that premiere in the coming months will be cancelled by December.

We're going to be up to our noses in wannabe versions of Modern Family, doctor shows, and dramas about cops/firemen: The Mindy Project (doctor-dating drama), The Mob Doctor (title says all), The New Normal (Modern Family rip off), Chicago House 51 (firemen), Do No Harm (doctor with multiple personality), Infamous (cops), Vegas (cops)...and these are just the ones I know about. I'm sure there's more lurking on cable too.

There are a few shows, however, that seem promising. As a general rule, I give any show that catches my eye a couple episodes and then decide whether or not I'm going to stick with it. Here are the few I found that I'll at least give a shot.


Though I can't stand most cop shows, Fox is bringing in Kevin Bacon for The Following midseason. He plays a FBI agent on the hunt for an escaped serial killer that has recruited and taught a group of people to also be serial killers. The trailer looked dark, almost a mix of Millenium and Manhunter. I still have yet to see a trailer for the new series about Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in the early years, but I'm probably going to be more interested in something new and unique with The Following rather than a prolonged origin story I've known for over a decade.


I doubt J.J. Abrams' Revolution will suck me in the way Lost did. For starters, the show will have a major event and then skip 15 years. 15 years. For some reason I'll never quite understand, movies and television shows like to pass over the collapse of civilization and jump to the aftermath. I want to see the world burn, not the ashes.

There's a couple of comedies I'll check out as well: Guys That Are Dads, 1600 Penn, and Next Caller. If I can sit through the pilot of Whitney, I can sit through any episode of a sitcom and wait for a laugh. After all, that's how Parks and Recreation caught me by surprise and became one of my favorite shows on TV.


Maybe, and this is a very slight maybe, I'll catch the premiere of Elementary. Again, it's a cop show, but it's Sherlock Holmes and a female Watson, played by Lucy Liu, in Manhatten. It appears the show will be full of fail, but it's Sherlock Holmes. If anything, I can set aside an hour for my favorite detective, if only to complain about how CBS butchered my favorite detective, and I'm sure there will be plenty to complain about, especially since Britain already brought this classic to modern times brilliantly--I doubt Lucy Liu's Watson is going to be rooming with Holmes, which means the writers already dropped the ball on one of the funniest, quirkiest parts of the story.


666 Park Avenue has an intriguing plot, residents of a swanky apartment building sell their souls for their dreams and happiness. Plus, Terry O'Quinn (Locke from Lost) plays a devil-like character, and that's got to be good for everybody. It reminds me a little bit of Devil's Advocate.

Another paranormal drama called Zero Hour looks iffy, but I'm a sucker for Nazis searching for occult relics; it's probably derived from my love for all things Indiana Jones. There seems to be an apocalyptic tone to this show as well.

Revolving around a submarine and nuclear war, Last Resort could be a smash-hit. In the trailer, I got a sense that it begins like The Hunt For Red October and evolves into a modern Lord of the Flies. Great cast, action...there's a lot of potential.

I don't know why, but Brad Garrett cracks me up. He always plays a bit of a sad-sack like an overgrown Charlie Brown, and I can relate. That's why I'll tune in to How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life. I don't doubt some of the show's premises will hit home as well.


Absolutely nothing. I'll check in on Supernatural week after week, but that's all this channel has going for it. Beauty and the Beast looks terrible, even with Kristen Kreuk.

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