Friday, August 17, 2012

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Postponed Until 2013

Yesterday it occurred to me that the new G.I. Joe movie, which I was excited for, had not released. I hadn't heard or read anything in a while, recalling it was supposed to be out at the end of June. I figured its release was pushed back to September or October, since I hadn't seen any new trailers, but it was much, much farther...

The movie is releasing March 29th of 2013.

Why? Because Battleship was such a domestic bomb that Hasbro and Paramount decided to reformat the entire movie to 3D so they can make more off foreign sales, an act I find very telling. Obviously, they have little hope for this film in the United States, so they're relying on gimmicks.

I will not be attending G.I. Joe in the theater. Originally, I had hoped the sequel would make up for the terrible original (the trailer really had me interested). Now that I know it has been pushed back an entire year due to greed, there's no way it's going to happen. Even if every single friend I have tells me it's the greatest film ever made, I won't go.

The executives' decision to push this movie back is reprehensible. If there was something wrong with production or they wanted to make improvements due to serious faults in the film itself, I could understand, but the studios saw dollar signs and panicked when Battleship didn't churn out as much green as they'd counted on. It's not that they're going to change/add any scenes or dialogue or improve CGI; they're simply going to make the movie available in 3D because it's a craze overseas and offers more theaters with steeper ticket prices--ridiculous.

When a studio gives a release date, going as far as offering trailers up to five weeks prior to that release, they really need to consider it as an upspoken agreement to the moviegoer that the movie will be out when they say. Anything less, except a catastrophe, is an insult to the fans.

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