Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad Concert Behavior

As I recover from last night's Phish show at SPAC, I have to say I'm still shaking my head about some of the behavior I saw there. I've been to a lot of concerts for all types of music, thought I had seen just about everything, and I was startled. To be honest, the Phish shows I have been to are usually packed with happy, friendly crowds. There's a lot of sharing and dancing and if you bump into someone you both apologize. The attitude on Friday's show was far more jovial than Sunday.

Here are some things I experienced last night:

Random guy that turned around and got in my friend's face as we were all dancing. I think Phish is the last place you want to get in a person's grill, especially when nothing was done to the guy that was so belligerent and loud we thought he was going to throw a punch. From what I witnessed, it looked like the guy was dancing with glow-sticks, tripped on his own feet, and thought my friend was responsible.

Picking up random people/friends and running down a crowded hill with them. I was a victim to this, cheering, in my own world...then a few feet off the ground with arms around my stomach and nearly dropped on my face.

Running down that same hill with your pants around your ankles urinating on strangers. I will never forget hearing this as long as I live. I didn't see it actually happen, only the aftermath of a man chasing the urinator up the hill; the urinator then got into a yelling match with his girlfriend/counselor over the scene he was making (he also happened to be the same guy picking people up). Angry screams in my ear does not help with the enjoyment of the show either, but I'm glad the girl was at least able to talk the guy out of the show and into a car, before there was a worse incident. Once gone, the entire area on the Page side felt a lot more relaxed and what I'm accustomed to.

Insulting random strangers in passing. A girl in a fur hat walked by me, said, "Your hat's awful," and kept going. Since I was only wearing a baseball hat, I laughed; it was a harmless act yet uncalled for, though one of my friends tried to convince me the girl was flirting.

All in all, I still had a great time at the shows. The music was stellar; I downloaded both nights already, and I've played the cover of ZZ Top's La Grange no less than ten times today. If I'm in the area the next time Phish tours here, I'll go again...and hope the crowd is a bit more tame.

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