Monday, July 23, 2012

True Blood: Roman, Why? (Spoiler Alert)

Roman Zijovic played by Christopher Meloni is officially dead as of last night, and I think I'm a bit angry about it. I don't know if this character dies in the novels by Charlaine Harris (update: Roman is not in the novels at all; HBO could have done anything with this character), but a five-show run is really short, especially when advertised as a regular. There are conspiracy theorists out there saying Roman isn't dead, but unless that was a body double, I don't see a vamp younger than most of the others in the room coming back from a pile of goo. Were they going for a Game of Thrones/Ned moment? What's the deal?

All right, I admit, we all knew this was going to happen when we first learned Russell was back, there were spies in the Authority, and vamps were on the verge of civil war but why so soon? And why didn't anyone help? The rest of the vamps all stood there as Russell talked with a stake in his hand. They must have known what the result would be, as Russell is over 3,000 years old and Roman was only 500, which also begs the question: how the hell did Roman get that position of power to begin with? Is there no other vamp older than Russell or am I going to have to sit through seasons on end listening to this guy?

In case you can't tell, I'm really not a fan of Russell. His character had brilliant moments until he went insane; at this point though, he's a one-trick pony now backed by vamps with identical motivations. He's become almost a stereotypical, over-the-top villain.

Then the vamps all succumbed to peer pressure, got high on Lilith's blood, and slaughtered a bar full of people. Cool to look at until you try and wrap your head around Bill and Eric's involvement, befuddled that it's the opposite of what their characters would do. Eric came to his senses, which I can live with; Bill didn't and seems to be on his way to either being a villain or masterminding a ruse to take over.

On that topic, some of the characters had head-scratching moments this week. Jason shoots Jessica in the head because he's jealous? Hoyt gets taken in by a hate group and is brainwashed in an instant? Lafayette, lips sown shut, doesn't attempt to use his powers to save himself? A bruha has to be saved from an old man with a knife? Tara cries tears, not blood? Roman doesn't explode instantly like every other vamp death in the history of the show, despite not being the oldest that died?

I'm thinking I will now read the books. I'm at a loss watching the show, which I praised a couple weeks ago, and I need to get to the bottom of where HBO is taking liberties (I read the entire Lilith  aspect is fabricated), as well as get some clarification on characters, events, motives.

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