Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Misfits' Season 3 And After (Spoiler Alert)

When I read Robert Sheehan, who played Nathan Young, was leaving the Misfits I thought it would be the death of the series. I was way off. Joseph Gilgun as Rudy was outstanding. I laughed more over his lines this season than ever before. Rudy was a stammering, perverted, sarcastic mess, complete with a power where he split into two versions of himself to have whimsical discussions. Just like Nathan, all the best scenes and episodes of the season revolved around Rudy. From the first episode I thought how great it would be if Nathan and Rudy were in the show at the same time, how hilarious the conversations would be.

It's a hope that probably won't pan out, unless Sheehan's movie career bombs, but even if he returns, the group dynamic has changed. In the finale, Alisha dies at the hands of a vengeful ghost and Simon ventures back in time to save her, where he too will die. I have to assume neither character is ever returning.

So what's going to happen next season? New characters, new powers. With Seth giving up his day job, I expect the powers won't switch as often, if at all. One setback I thought season 3 had was the weak powers; Curtis spent majority of the time changing into a female and masturbating. He ended the season with the ability to raise the dead, but they all came back as zombies--a great episode, as was the episode dealing with a failed attempt to kill Hitler. Alisha used her power to see through other people's eyes in two episodes. Simon had a handful of visions. Kelly was a rocket scientist that used her powers twice. Rudy is the lone character of the series that uses his power often, every single episode.

Though I'm always a couple months behind in the series (the shows premiere in the UK and go up on Hulu about a month later), I'm looking forward to season 4. Each season has progressively improved. The writing is both hysterical and interesting, characters having levels of emotions and unexpected reactions to the mayhem that is their lives. However, I'd like to see less probation worker killing. It used to be funny; now it's old. Also, the Misfits don't take the time to cover their tracks anymore other than burying the dead, leaving fingerprints everywhere--maybe a detective will hunt them?

I could be misremembering, but I could have sworn Simon told Alisha powers were public knowledge in the future and everything was different. From the way season 3 ended, their lives didn't seem that different at all, neither did society.


  1. See! You just said you gave up. I'm glad you were bored enough or something to give it a whirl. I didn't read all of this as I haven't watched all of season 3 etc.

    1. I thought the show would suck without Nathan. I was wrong.