Friday, July 20, 2012

Theater Shooting

I woke up this morning, made some coffee, sat at my computer, and typed in Dark Knight Rises to find some reviews from last night's premiere. The first hit to pop up was about a theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, just a few blocks from where I lived for years. I used to pass the theater on my way to work, Monday through Friday, and for a couple seconds, I wondered if I would have been there if I still lived in the area. Probably not, yet the thought lingers...

What's most shocking about this particular shooting, aside from the deaths of men, women, and children, is where it took place: a theater. This could have happened anywhere in the country and will definitely make me think about copycats the next time I go to a midnight showing. A theater is usually a place of comfort, a setting where our imaginations are free to run wild. We all go to the movies to relax, eat some popcorn, share some laughs, let our guards down, and kick back--this is in part what makes this tragedy so heinous.

Though we will continue to go to the movies, I doubt any of us have ever thought our lives could end in a theater. This proves death's scythe is unpredictable; it can find us anywhere and lay us low. These people expected to leave and return home, discussing the film. They expected to talk with family and friends again. They expected to see their children grow.

At the theater because they loved Batman and wanted to geek out, they were caught unaware by a beast. The shooter is a villain, plain and simple. Most of us are not, and we shouldn't allow the villains of the world to rule our actions. Not only do I hope for the best for the family and friends of the victims, some of which are still fighting for their lives in the hospital, I hope never to see anything like this again.

I also hope for justice.

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