Friday, June 29, 2012

I Miss Farscape

I'm generally picky when it comes to science fiction on television, but as the title states, I miss Farscape. The characters were complex. At times, they were downright ruthless. None of them were typical heroes. They did good things incidentally while trying to survive. The villains were nasty, and once in a while, heroes became villains and villains became heroes. Sometimes, the heroes and villains remained enemies yet worked together to defeat a common enemy. The characters eeked by akin to Indiana Jones; every plan went wrong yet they persevered by the skin of their teeth. The banter was great too; probably not as witty as Joss Whedon's writing in Firefly but great nonetheless and funny as well. Characters conspired against one another, zero trust between them. They were secretive, manipulative thieves, warriors, pacifists, murderers, sex slaves, and they were all prone to mocking humans as an inferior, dumb species.

There was always an intriguing idea behind every episode, ranging from traditional alien encounters to a living spaceship giving birth to a warship, not to mention some really trippy, somewhat psychotic scenes. Every episode progressed the story for the season as well. They never inundated viewers with freaks of the week. Plus the dark, moody sets, make-up, CGI, and puppetry was done splendidly by the Jim Henson Company. I still feel makeup and puppetry can look more realistic than CGI when done correctly. More often than not, Farscape reaffirmed my belief.

When I found out Farscape had been cancelled, I wrote the SyFy network several disgruntled emails with lines such as, "I hope you're proud developing B movies and generic TV shows," and, "This is the best show you've ever aired. Too bad you're too stupid to realize it." I still feel that way. I haven't watched that network since the cancellation of Farscape, which they replaced with Stargate: SG1 or something, a spin-off of a spin-off I believe failed after two seasons. SyFy has offered nothing original that has peaked my interest in years.

Bottom line is if you've got some time on your hands and are looking for a show to get into that you might have missed out on, Farscape is my recommendation. In my opinion, it is and always will be the best science fiction series ever to bless my TV.


  1. I feel the same. Best sci-fi show ever. Amazing, simply perfect. How they let this one got away is beyond me.
    Maybe they just like things like Sharknado or volcanoes generating thunderstorms on mars. Go figure...

  2. I just saw the complete series past weeks. I completely agree with your analysis; somehow all characters impressed and moved me. Great story, I comfort myself with the thought that a re-run or sequel to the series would be disappointing anyway :)

    1. It really is a shame that, even if they wanted to (and are rumored to be working on), they could never recreate the magic--mainly, I think that because Jonathon Hardy, the voice of Rygel, passed away. I can't imagine a sequel or spin-off without my favorite character and Dominar.

      But I do love that Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) is doing videogame voiceovers. I like to play Act III of Diablo 3 just to hear her lol

  3. I don't know why I love it but I do. Have seen so many times I can't rewatch. Just can't seem to find any scifi show remotely as interesting. Trek,Babylon,Stargate. Yuck yuck yuck. Farscape is 100% of my tv scifi diet excluding the odd cancelled thing like odyssey/terminator/carnival'e which were good but not really worry worthy. Movies is a different story but its rancid cheese or somehow magical melody of taste with farscape for me in tv.

    I'm happy they made PKW to not end on season 4's cliffhanger, but there really needed to be a S5. I am however not a big enough fan to continue it via comic book. I hate comic books, despite my efforts the first kaplow,kaboom! tweety bird icon renders me uninterested. If someone could take the comic book story and make that into a series for s6,7,8,etc now that would be something otherwise just angry grunts to scifi for turning their back on it to become the nothing network they are now. Seriously E!tv is higher quality than syfy and thats so shallow its fetal pooling.