Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ender's Game in 2013

Two reasons to hope the world doesn't end in December are the second half of the Hobbit and Ender's Game, both being released in late 2013. I have a few friends that have been waiting for an Ender's Game adaptation for years and years, probably since they read this very addictive piece of science fiction by Orson Scott Card. After reading the news yesterday, I sat down, opened Ender's Game for the second time in my life, and conquered half the novel in one sitting.

For those that haven't read the original novel or any of the series (I've only read the first installment), the basic premise is earth was nearly wiped out twice by aliens referred to as buggers, a race with ant-like behavior. We were ultimately saved by a genius commander named Mazer Rackham, who will be played by Ben Kingsley. Afterwards, the united people of earth decided to prepare for a third invasion by designing a space station where they train genius children in the art of war through games--not monopoly. We're talking zero-gravity combat with stun guns and psychological role-playing games tailored for each child. Even their daily routine and social interactions are part of the game. With proper CGI, it could be an on-screen marvel, assuming it doesn't resemble Tron and takes on a life of its own.

While I don't recognize majority of the actors because they're children, seeing Harrison Ford was cast as Colonel Graff, the man that recruits Ender, gives me hope for the film. Graff is somewhat of a mysterious, layered character. As a long-time fan of Ford's work (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, etc.) I'm already imagining him discussing his plans for Ender in futuristic rooms. It could be wonderful.

Then again, I don't know much about writer and director Gavin Hood. He directed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, yet I wasn't particularly fond of that film. Granted, he didn't write that screenplay. However, the action scenes he was responsible for were not compelling. I haven't seen much else that he's worked on, so Ender's Game will either make me adore him or he'll botch the adaptation, as Hollywood is prone to do, and I'll hate him for all-time.

I'll have to wait for some trailers to formulate solid expectations. Aside from most comedies which tend to hide majority of their hilarity (I thought Your Highness, Super Bad, Step Brothers, and 40 Year Old Virgin would be terrible and was pleasantly proven wrong when I finally saw them), trailers usually give me a good idea of what I'll experience when in the theater. By this winter, we should be given a trailer or at least a teaser.  It will only take me a couple minutes to know whether or not Ender's Game will be faithful. The novel is a little over 300 pages better be.

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