Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Broken Smile

Today, after almost a year, I had my chipped, front tooth fixed. One might not think it, but problems with a smile can severely damage a person's confidence. Even though the chip was not very large, almost unnoticeable to anyone who did not know me prior, I was aware of it every second of every day. I spent a lot of time running my tongue over the chip, staring into mirrors as if it would magically grow back, and curbing my laughter/smile. I had a tendency to stop mid-laugh/smile, so I could close my mouth.

And why not be self-conscious of my broken smile? As the dentist said when working on the bonding, "The smallest things can make a person not like you. I can see why you want this fixed for interviews." Two hundred dollars for the repair seems trivial compared to how good I feel since leaving Camp Mohawk this morning. It was painless too, unlike the first bonding on that tooth; should I get insurance with my next job, it will be my permanent dentist.

Since I'm in a good mood, I'll also shed light in how the tooth was chipped, along with several others, in the first place. My junior year of college I spent a night playing beer bong with my friends that lived a floor down from us at Elmira. For some reason, when I was extremely tanked that year, I thought it was funny to mess with fire extinguishers.

At some point in the night, the door to the suite was opened, I remember spotting a fire extinguisher at the far end of the hall, and sprinted at it. Drunkenly, I went full speed, overestimated the length of the hall, and did not have time to even slow down. I went face first into the wall, fell on my ass.

Once my friends stopped laughing themselves to tears, they noticed I was walking around searching the floor. They asked if I was all right, maybe wondering if I had a concussion. Then they asked what I was doing, and I responded, "Looking for my teeth."

They helped search. We found nothing. Apparently, I swallowed four shards of my smile upon impact--that's how fast I ran into the wall. For the next two weeks, I covered my mouth when I talked and rarely left my dorm room. Our next break was close to when I chipped my teeth, and I had them repaired.

As I told my college friend today (I posted on Facebook that I got my tooth fixed and he immediately knew what I was referring to), it's a good thing smartphones, Youtube, and Facebook did not exist when I was in college. A video of me hitting the wall, among other things I did those carefree years, might have gone viral.

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  1. If you ask me on my blog, I will explain how I chipped my sister's tooth...