Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forum Squabbles Over Diablo 3

Over the past couple days I've done a bit of gaming, more than usual, because of the release of Diablo 3. I received my copy for free as part of the World of Warcraft Annual Pass. Having past experience with the release of other online games/expansions, I knew what to expect at launch: a lot of crashes and server downtime. It's to be expected with millions of gamers around the world logging in simultaneously.

While D3 is offline this morning for maintenance I flipped through a few threads on its forum. I'm pretty entertained by grown men throwing tantrums publicly, and there's over 500 pages of it to go through. There's a lot of rants, cursing, threats to quit/boycott/sue Blizzard Entertainment. The best part is that it's divided into complainers and people complaining about the complainers, which makes everyone angrier.

For some gamers, Diablo 3 is everything to them right now. It's consuming every waking thought. They've been thinking about playing for years, awaited its released, and are chomping at the bit to level their character, explore, or start hardcore mode, where you create a character and if that character dies, you can never use it again.

Basically, for some Diablo fans that hold this franchise above the rest, this is their Avengers, and you can imagine what would happen if you went to see the Avengers movie and it cut out every five minutes or you were asked to wait in the lobby for a day. While I see both sides of the argument about this release (I think it was butchered) I'm also not one to start yelling that the sky is falling or making threats. Diablo 2 came out over a decade ago and is still played today. If that stands true for its successor, then I believe there's plenty of time left to enjoy myself and for Blizzard to fix the game's flaws.

In the meantime, I'll sip my coffee and keep an eye on the forum fights.

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