Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D3 Forum Fights Turn Into Generational Feud

While patch day comes to a close, supposedly, the forum fights over at Diablo 3 are as livid as ever and quite enjoyable. I just read a wonderful thread from a player that claimed youngsters (everyone under 40) are spoiled brats with entitlement issues. He referred to the community as a cesspit. After making assumptions about faceless, nameless players, their ages, and personalities, he closed his angry rant with an Edmund Burke quote about patience--absolutely delightful.

Responses like, "Get off my lawn!" gave me a laugh. It's good to see generational battles and cursing over video games, merely proving that old and young alike care about the state of our hobbies, good or ill depending who you ask. I can't say it proves much else. Unlike what the OP claimed, I don't think what a Diablo 3 poster says about the game on the Internet represents society as a whole.

It does leave me wondering if there has ever been a generation that didn't think less of youth. I'm sure the "Greatest Generation" was none too pleased with Baby Boomers while the Baby Boomers frowned at Generation X, and X hates Y. I'm part of Generation Y and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't annoyed by the young people at the bar on Saturday; one in particular that called me a gross, old man when I pointed out to my friend, who was hitting on her, that she was in diapers when we were in 7th grade. I thought it was a funny bit of truth. Also, my friend is six months younger than me with a girlfriend and child so take from that what you will...

Anyway, all the blame always seems to trickle down, which is ironic, when you consider each generation that follows is raised by the ones complaining about them. It does beg the question: will there ever be a time of mutual respect for old and young or are generational battles simply an integral part of society, something that has always happened and always will happen? My grandparents said youth had no respect for adults, referring to my father's generation. My parents say the same about my older brother and sister's generation and to a degree, my own, and I've caught myself saying the same already.

It might just be an unbreakable cycle.

Also, if anyone is interested in seeing true gamer rage, this is the thread to read:


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